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A final Break- through Cure for AIDS, Addiction & Cancer

A final Break- through Cure for AIDS, Addiction & Cancer

Sub: -   A final Break-through Cure for AIDS, Addiction & Cancer by REJUVENATION of Defence Mechanism. Repair and Re-growth of Organs by Regeneration of Adult STEM CELL.

Dear Sir,
            Please Log on to our new blog; to know the latest Innovation in Medical Science. How our newly developed "Cocktail of Medicine" cures all major dreaded diseases like Addiction, Asthma, Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Coma, Cardiac & Kidney problems without surgery, Depression, Down's Syndrome, HIV, Infertility, Mental including CNS problems, Obesity, Old-Age, Parkinson, Tuberculosis, Stroke, Witchcrafts etc. on outdoor basis, without trouble within two to three months, without any Relapse & Requiring no Rehabilitations. Even after- effects of Nuclear Biological and Chemical war fares could now be cured easily.
            These all Wonderful Miracles have been achieved by Regeneration of all Cells (260) including Lymphocytes (CD4) along with Adult STEM Cell in Bone Marrow. Proper & Healthy distribution of OXYGEN in whole body plays major   role. The First Injection regenerates all circulatory -Respiratory - Digestive - Urinary and Reproductive systems within a day providing complete relief from all miseries. Our patient sleeps well, eats well, feels well and walks well since very first day.
            As per my Clinical Five Decades Experience, I can happily say that most of my cases are getting new Lease of Life for Thirty to Forty years after our treatment. Thus I can say that a Living Dead-man can get REJUVENATED LIFE (KAYAKALP).
            Glucose & Blood Transfusion (Blood Bank), E.C.T., and major Surgery are not needed at all now. There is no need for CLONING as most of the Organs could easily be repaired as more than Original One.
            "Talk to your Baby before Birth" & "Flying out of Body - Returned". These two Quotations will throw ample light about my success story in Medical Science. Forget the Research work on Genes & Follow the Research of CELL.
            A day is not far when the whole Medical Community will have to follow the path created by me, if human being wants to see the world Disease-free and healthy and prosper.

*Special Note*
            The World Medical Experts have accepted that Embryonic STEM cells are Generic cells, which can create various Tissues and Organs that makes-up the human life. ‘Dr.Catherine M. Veraillie’ and her colleagues at ‘University of Minnesota’ have also confirmed after having experiments on mice that ADULT STEM CELLS which could be regenerated through BONE MARROW, are equally important in creating the cells of Heart, Muscles, Brain, Liver, Skin, Kidney and to repair other different Organs.
            The Bone Marrow has long been identified as a source of STEM cells that continually replenish the Red and White Cells of the Blood which can also form Cartilage, Muscles and Tendons.
            These STEM cells can reverse the degenerative diseases and make them healthy. Even the aging process of cell could also be reversed.
            Thus my above claim stands confirmed by this latest theory that whatever I have clinically found WONDERFUL MIRACLES within my last five decades experience is TRUE.I appeal the World community to adopt and follow this new method to save the MILLIONS of sufferers throughout the GLOBE.

Respected Dr Jong-wook Lee,
            The same incidence has happened once again. It is ill luck of the human being that my project has not been coming out due to misunderstanding from our Indian side.
            It is a well-known fact that Dr. Hiroshi Nakazima, Prof. Luc Montagnier and Dr. Gro Harlen Brundtland had been misguided and were not allowed to meet me personally and yet again the same thing has happened with you.
            Again it is well known that there was no prior programme of your visit in India and simply to release a report on T.B is not sufficient function equivalent to your stature and that too was released by Indian Premier on 24 March 04. Thus I presume and it is clear that you have also visited India to contact me personally.
            I am fully aware that WHO is an Inter-Governmental agency but whole burden of health problem lies upon WHO which you yourself cannot deny.
            We are passing in a crucial stage where there is no solution of Fever, Cold and Pain, leave the question of HIV, Brain, Heart, Kidney and many health-hazard problems.
            It is the right time and it is the duty of WHO to act quickly and promptly so that the shining rays of health may spread throughout the Globe under your Noble guidance Date- 28th March, 2004

*Message for World Health Day*
Respected Dr. Jong-Wook Lee,
            His Excellency Mr. Pope John Paul II, Mr. Christopher Reeve (Hollywood Actor), Prof. Stephen Hawking (Physicist) and former U.S. President Mr. Ronald Reagon are few personalities who are critically ill since very long but our so called very advanced medical science has failed to provide a bit relief to them as our Science treat only on symptoms that too under Anti-biotics, Anti-dotes and Tranquilizers which only suppress the disease and spread more side effects. Thus we say, ‘We Treat-God Cures.’
            Today is a WHO Day. I can say that I can treat and cure all these fellow friends even without seeing or checking them personally and physically within a period of two to three months. After that no medicine will be needed and if God blessed them, they could lead a happy and healthy life for about thirty to forty years more. Hence I can say that the man can lead a life upto 120 to 150 years of age. Our method is Ambulatory, trouble-free, economic, no relapse and even un-trained man can carry out.
            Previously, I have quoted two things, (1) Talk to your baby before Birth and (2) Flying out of Body Returned. It means that Birth and Death is under the control of Scientist. Today I quote two more, ‘Once an Addict-Today’s Healthy. ‘Addiction is mother of Cancer and AIDS.’
            Dr. Catherine M. Veraillie, University of Minnesota has proved that ADULT STEM CELLS are as generic as Embryonic Stem Cell that can Repair and Re-grow any organ of the body. In her method ADULT STEM CELL should have to grow in laboratory and will require Transplanting in body whereas in my method, Surgery is not at all needed. Thus the Abortion and Rejection is nowhere in picture. This again I call the EIGHTH WONDERS of UNIVERSE.
            Now it is upto WHO to come forward boldly and use my method widely so that WHO could fulfil its Slogan HEALTH for ALL.
With best wishes and many thanks.
7th April, 2004.

Respected Dr. Jong Wook Lee,
(DG., WHO, Geneva.)

Sub:- Regeneration of Three hundred cells including ADULT STEM CELLS.

            World Top leaders like US President Mr. George W. Bush, Mr. Pope John Paul II along with the Catholic Christian & Muslim community leaders are opposing the Research for Embryonic Stem Cells as they feel it illegal, immoral, unethical and unnecessary.
            These are the reasons that Minnesota University Prof. Dr. Catherine M. Veraillie, MD has given a new direction and proved that Adult Stem Cells Research is more important than all. Taking one step forward, Prof. Wilfgang Lillge, MD has concluded that ‘WHOEVER WOULD CURE MUST BE ADULT STEM CELLS.’
            The Adult Stem Cells are to be extracted from the Bone Marrow, Culture them in Laboratory and then Transplant them in the Human. This all process requires lengthy time and more funds. Moreover it can’t be carried out for general mass. It means, majority of patients will be left out from this benefit.
            Thus Dr. Dianne N. Irving, PhD. has finally concluded that ‘Human Embryo experiments are unacceptable.’ Under all such circumstances, it has become clear that Cloning is also not needed as every Organ could easily be Repair & Re-grow in Human body. Moreover, the infertile couple could get easily their Child.
            Under the prevailing system, the WHO could save 50% funds & 50% Human from dying of Malaria, HIV & Tuberculosis by making a little addition to the present prescription.
            Thus Adult Stem Cells has established its importance in medical field but in my opinion, still it is incomplete till the Regeneration of all the different Cells (260 to 300) is achieved. This Regeneration of all such Cells could root out all the aliments form Human and make the man perfect Healthy.
            I have said that Surgery will be not be needed mostly, it means that Heart, Kidney, Brain, Liver and all other important organ could be made Healthy removing different Ailments. Oxygen is naturally raised in body and the Sports and Athletes could also be made Healthy without surgery. Thus I can say that OLDAGE is no problem and Human can live upto 120 to 150 years easily and Healthy.
            These all have been achieved by me within last FIVE DECADES and without any financial help from any side. I presume, present Experts couldn’t achieve such Success as they think that their Research should be very costly and wants to follow only the footsteps of others. Nobody wants to take risk to adopt a new method to find excellent results. Hence, whatever I have achieved today will take others to receive even Centuries later.
            I want to add one more name of football legend Mr. Diego Maradona. His problems are mainly based on addiction for which I am only the Headmaster in the globe to fully cure him if he himself desires so.
            Please come forward to help me in accepting my Research by Whole World otherwise the poor will feel let down on their part that they couldn’t get whatever is available on earth.
            Hope the coming generation will feel Healthy by getting the advantage of this Noble project. Thanking you and wishing you happy and healthy life.

16th May, 2004.

Respected Dr. Jong Wook Lee,
(DG, WHO, Geneva),

The two-time US 40th President (1981 to 1989) Mr. Ronald W. Reagan, 93, breathed his last on Saturday night at his Los Angeles residence. He was suffering from Alzheimer’s (a degenerated) disease for more than a decade. His wife Mrs. Nancy Reagan has even written a letter to present US president Mr. George W. Bush to help in finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease through STEM CELLS Research but all remained failed. I also feel Sad and Shocked.
            Even I have tried my best to approach him to get rid-off Alzheimer’s disease but my voice remained unheard as no one is believing that a brown citizen of underdeveloped country could find a permanent cure for many complicated health problems. In my letter dated 07/04/2004 addressed to your honour on World Health Day, my voice failed to reach him and lastly we all has lost a gentleman, In this above letter, I referred three more names, Mr. Pope John Paul II, Mr. Christopher Reeve and Prof. Stephen Hawkins along with the name of Mr. Diego Maradona in my another letter dated 16/05/2004. If they all desire and suitable arrangement could be made, I am ready to provide them fully cure from their different major ailments permanently without any problem.
            The Technology developed by Minnesota University Prof. Dr. Catherine M. Veraillie for Human Adult Stem Cell is better than Embryonic Stem Cells, But this latest method has also not found suitable for the Treatment for General Mass, We have to separate Stem Cells from Bone Marrow, develop them into an Organ in a highly developed laboratory and transplant in human body. These all need ample time and more and more funds which general public could not afford. Hence this method could be useful only one in a Lac population. Thus we need a simple method by which most of the patients could get benefit and that must be trouble free & be carried out on OUTDOOR basis. This is only my method  which all provide these facilities.
            As I presume, Dr. Catherine method can produce an Organ that will be available at Chemist Shop. Go; purchase it and get it used in your body under Expert Surgeon. The chances of Rejection are always there. Take the example of Mr. Reagan, His brain Cells have been replaced by Adult Stem Cells and that they are working there but Circulation system will be needed to a vast changed position which is not possible under present Circumstances. Thus the patient will not get a long & healthy life. Once former US President Mr. Bill Clinton announced in a World AIDS Conference at Geneva that we will get Vaccine for HIV within Ten Years. Now again, Dr. Jason Gill from Australia has predicted that the problems related to Human immune System such as HIV/AIDS, we have to wait for at least Ten more Years. A Nobel Laureate Prof. Paul Nurse from UK recently predicted that it would take Twenty years to find a treatment for a few type of Cancers. In my five-decade clinical life, I have treated 6000 Drug-Addicts without using the method of Maintenance and Replacement therapy by breaking the Tolerance Power. I have also treated 8000 different types of cancer patients without using Radiation and Chemotherapy. Surgery is very danger here. Even Biopsy should be avoided. I have treated Infertility cases without using Harmon Therapy. Even Antidotes are not much useful in treating different Chronic diseases. Most of the medicines available at chemist shop, have their own side effects due to Toxicity. The patient’s own body produces different medicines, which could only cure him due to Non Toxicity. Such is the position of my Research, which could lead the World healthy and prosperous life. Otherwise the future of our present Medical Science is very dark. Hence I, once again, request your honour to consider my project of a COCKTAIL OF MEDICINE and provide a relief to the sufferers of different ailments. One cocktail is for all aliments.
8th June 2004

With best regards,
Dr. K.L.Goyal
Anti- Narcotic Campaign Samiti,
1st ‘C’ Road, Sardarpura, Jodhpur-342003      
INDIA, Mobile: +91 9829063290, 9928434239

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